Psychic abilities

Try to remember the last time someone did or said something terrible to you.  Was it so easy to ignore it and just think positive?  I bet like most people you kept recycling it over and over in your mind.  Somehow you could feel that what was done or said to you were’t just words but instead felt like daggers piercing straight to the core of you being. You intuitively knew that you were in the face of an enemy even when they smiled at you.

The worst form of negative energy and the hardest to handle are the psychic influences and attack from those closes to you.  While some people will tell you to go to hell if they don’t like you, there are others who are more diabolical and weave a more damaging psychic energy that attacks you at a deeper soul level.  While everyone else is able to achieve their dreams you just can’t seem to make any progress, because negative energy creates a dark fog around you, filling your aura which blocks out the good things from entering.

And guess what?  Until you learn just how crucial it is to protect yourself from those sorts of psychic attacks you will remain at the mercy of dark psychic attacks.
There are 3 Levels of psychic protection.  Together they form a shield that protects and strengthens you from the negative influences around you.

Successful people have developed a particular switch that gets them what they want no matter how much negativity is in their environment.  Even though they do experience psychic attacks, they have learned a valuable and necessary skill.  Everyone who succeeds knows how to do it whether consciously or unconsciously. It’s something that you MUST LEARN in order to succeeds. It’s not a maybe, its a must.

It’s necessary to your survival.  The reality is you can’t get very far without learning those mental techniques of power.  Each technique increases your power to get what you want out of life while suffocating the monsters and dark energies in your life.

  • Use Powerful Mind Power Techniques to Manipulate Negative Energy for the Good of Your Goals.  Negative energy can stop your life from progressing.  It can be binding and trap you in what seems like a black hole.
  • Learn the Seven Steps to Sensing Energy from Others.  We are all born with innate psychic abilities.  Learn to activate them using a simple step by step process to help you in knowing the hidden intentions of those around you.
  • Throw Your Attackers off Balance Without Ever Touching Them.  Let’s face it, those whose aim it is to see you fail will use every tool in their kit to see that you fall and never get up.  Would’t you love to have a tool kit of your own?
  • Learn What a Mob Cloud is.  If you work in a tense environment you had better learn this quick.  Know the nature of a mob cloud and how it can destroy your life in a second.  But, what’s even better when you know the science behind it you can use it to build momentum and gain extreme power from it.
  • Discover the Hidden Thoughts that Others Will Never Say to Your Face.  Do you really thing you know the intentions of those who are in your company?  Do you know what’s hidden behind their fake smile?
    • Learn to Rapidly Manifest What You Want.  People around you will want to know how or why everything is suddenly going so well for you.
  • Increase Your Psychic, Mental and Spiritual Powers.  The techniques will open you up to a greater awareness and increase your mental powers to influence everything around you for good.

These Mind Power Techniques on Spiritual Self Defense are a Necessary Part of Getting What You Want out of Life…

Without this knowledge you are like a small boat at sea in a rough storm.  Your energy will constantly be used to support the deviant wishes of those who don’t mean you well.  When your energy is scattered and misguided you are sure to loose and loose miserable at life.  Forget about attracting what you want then.

Only you can decide if you possess the skills necessary to master your life.  Only you can tell how often you feel down and dumped on.  Only you know how exhausted you feel working in an environment that feels like Guantanamo Bay.  Only you know if your frienemies are plotting your demise again and again.