Do you find yourself asking these questions:  Why can’t I attract the things I want?  Why do I gain some progress then fall backwards all over again? Why do I feel so hopeless?

There is a proven and powerful reason that few teachers will ever tell you about.  As we move into a new era where more people are becoming aware of the power of thought and energy, psychic protection is becoming a necessity. One of the very best working methods to protect yourself and your family is to contact a tested psychic on one of the many available psychic hotline websites. But for that method we will talk in depth in a new post, here we talk more about how to practice proper psychic self-defense.

For many years certain spiritual teachers have instructed their students on the need for protection as they moved up in knowledge.  Now this is not a passing request, it is becoming a very necessary way of being.

Proper Psychic Self Defense is necessary to protect your creative energy and your mind from the interference of others. While there are many who will have you believe that you are the sole creator of all the negative circumstances in your life, this is not always the case.  While it is true that you are the center of your reality with full authority on what you will allow into your space; you are part of the human race and we are all connected. Everything is energy!

If you suspect that someone is interfering with your energy you should get a proper psychic reading from a good psychic. These guys have the abilities to track and even counter attack the flow of negative energy so you feel and function much better. If you’re feeling such negative energy flow contact a psychic hotline reader ASAP. Many websites offer readings for free or a very modest price, there are no excuses why you shouldn’t get in touch with a medium to get this major issue resolve!

One of the best ways to protect yourself or a a loved one is by talking to a powerful psychic on a psychic hotline

Think you can attract what you want without learning this??  Think again!

Every day you are in contact with frustrated co-workers, angry family members, bitter spouses and hypocritical frienemies.  All of this caused an intense amount of negative energy to flood your aura causing you to remain stagnant.

If you are wondering why only a few people are very successful at attracting what they desire it is because those few know something. They know that it is necessary to first shield their personal energy, transform the negative energy that is sent to them and use that energy to build up momentum to get that they want.

Few people know these secrets of manipulating energy.  Although they are quite easy to do, without the knowledge you are at the mercy of those negative and difficult people around you.

…a story of influence!

A powerful business man who worked his way up from nothing, suddenly finds himself crippled by bad luck.  His employees are all falling ill, hurting themselves, causing him to loose lots of money.  Besides the lost of money he is also losing contracts with long standing associates. Following this his health suffers and he is about to lose his mind and his life.  What is going on?  The attack of someone closes to him who generates a mob cloud against him.

This man did not believe in such things as a psychic attack much less the need for psychic protection until he had a conversation with one of his admired and long term mentors who shared this with him. His mentor said that success without protection is like leaving the doors to your mansion open to all sorts of thieves and robbers which is inevitable.

This is just one of the many stories that you will read about as you learn how psychic interference takes place and how and why you must protect yourself in order to see success in your life.

How Do You Know if You Need Psychic Protection?

  • If you are feeling emotionally tired and drained
  • If you are surrounded by lots of negative people
  • If you sense that anyone around you may be jealous of your success
  • If you know that you have done allot of inner work on your thinking but still can’t see the positive chances on the outside
  • If you even care to attract new positive changes in your life

One of the greatest difficulties in life is dealing with the negative psychic energies from other people. Negative psychic energy can come from family members, co-workers and relationships.

Negative psychic energy can cause you extreme stress, poor health, sleeplessness and worst it can deeply drain your life force energy.  This drain in your life force energy can manifest as a form of depression, deep stagnation in your life or a series of bad luck.

It’s really impossible to attract better circumstances until you learn how to manipulate negative energy into energy that will support your personal vision.

If you don’t have the time or the means to learn these powerful skill yourself of course another option to call a psychic hotline phone psychic. These are of course not free but these days you can find a good one for  a very reasonable price. The Google search engine is your friend in this case, just search and you will find many websites and psychics who will be able to help. Have in mind that many people claim to be “psychics” but in fact they do not posses the necessary powers. Always read as many reviews and testimonials as you can before spending even  penny on a psychic chatline! This filed is full of scammers and the worst thing is to waste your money and your precious time with some fake psychic. Always do your “homework” and you will find many many folks who are blessed with the gift of psychic powers.